twig-template engine: castlist JSON-Example

How to use the castlist JSON-Example with the free Plugin-version is explained in detail here.

With the PRO-version you can also use the twig-template engine:
all in one:

[jsoncontentimporterpro url= parser=twig]
time: {{updated.time}} 
city: {{result[0]}}
{% for resultitem in result %}
{{ resultitem.cost.nomad.USD}} USD
{% endfor %}

Known issues:
Formatting date or time is done in twig by {{updated.time | date(“Y”)}}.
This might not work in all wordpress-installations, as the ” are converted by wordpress and the template is corrupted.
Way out: Use the templatemanager and place URL and template there. Then use
[jsoncontentimporterpro id=”ID_OF_TEMPLATE” parser=”twig”]
[jsoncontentimporterpro nameoftemplate=”UNIQUE_NAME_OF_TEMPLATE” parser=”twig”]