Step 4: Basic usage on pages

Using the Plugin on pages or posts is done by using a wordpress-shortcode:

  • [jsoncontentimporter ATTRIBUTES]TEMPLATE[/jsoncontentimporter] or
  • (PRO-version) [jsoncontentimporterpro ATTRIBUTES]TEMPLATE [/jsoncontentimporterpro]

The magic is done by ATTRIBUTES and TEMPLATE.

  • TEMPLATE: This is some text with some syntax used to insert the JSON-data.
  • Template engine: Behind the scenes the JSON-data and the TEMPLATE-text is connected by a special software, called template-engine. There are two template engines available:
    One is the JCI-engine, the other the twig-engine (PRO-version only). JCI is default, twig is selected by the ATTRIBUTE “parser=twig”
  • JCI- or twig-engine? depends…: the more complex the JSON is and the more logic is required (like data filtering) the more twig will be the choice
  • I recommend using the “TEXT” mode of the editor – not the “VISUAL” mode. Especially if some special code (e.g. JavaScript) is used with the “VISUAL” mode you’re not able to create the page you like.
  • Even switching between “TEXT” to “VISUAL” and back can cause problems: Some code might be removed then… If so: Discard the page and reload the prior version.
PRO-Version jsoncontentimporterpro
Free Version jsoncontentimporter

Dynamic Shortcode-Parameter? Add 2 plugins OR use PRO-version…