Step 1 of 2: Get access to the JSON-data

First we have to check, how we can get access to the JSON-data the API offers (JSON-Content-Importer plugins installed and active).
You can do that by putting the shortcodes on a wordpress-page or post:

  • [jsoncontentimporter url=URL_FROM_API]TEMPLATE[/jsoncontentimporter] or
  • (PRO-version) [jsoncontentimporterpro url=URL_FROM_API debugmode=10]TEMPLATE [/jsoncontentimporterpro]

In the best case the page/post shows “TEMPLATE” (free Version) or some debug-info (PRO-version).
If this looks ok you have access to the API-data. If not, you might have to add some shortcode attributes defining the

  • method available options: (wordpress-get, wordpress-post, curl-get, curl-post, php-get, php-post)
  • add some authenatication code (see the API-documentation for that)
  • ..or many other settings depending on the expectations of the API

Keep in mind that the 2 plugins use different shortcodes:

PRO-Version jsoncontentimporterpro
Free Version jsoncontentimporter

Dynamic Shortcode-Parameter? Add 2 plugins OR use PRO-version…