Step 7: Managing templates

The plugin connects a template-text with the JSON-data by using a template engine.
Depending on the JSON-data the template text contains placeholders and syntax-logic to evaluate the JSON.
Feeding the template engines (either JCI or twig) can be done in two ways:

  • embedded
  • Template-manager:
    The PRO-version comes with a Template-manager: Store the template and some attributes (like url) in one place and use it on different pages or posts.
    By using “id=NUMBER_OF_TEMPLATE” as Shortcode-parameter you can call this template from the manager.
    JCI PRO Version: Templatemanager

    JCI PRO Version: Templatemanager

Some WordPress-Installations are converting embedded templates: If so, the HTML in embedded templates might be corrupted.
Way out: Use the Template-manager, there is not WordPress influence on the template.


[jsoncontentimporterpro url=http://... id=NO parser=twig]
{% for eventitem in event %}
{% if eventitem.evs3|length > 0 %}
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}