Get data like JSON, render it with a template and display livedata on your WordPress site!

The plugin parses almost any JSON-, CSV-, XML-feed and allows you to display all data on your website: Import data from an API / Webservice to display it on your website.

Create Custom Pages out of JSON and Custom Post Types:

Show API JSON Data in WordPress with the Plugins JsonContentImporter PRO and Toolset


  • Increase you’re user’s, customer’s and fan’s interest by providing updated and relevant data everytime they visit your site
  • Save time by using the JSON Content Importer to display dynamic, search engine crawlable content in the look and feel that matches your website and improve your SEO

Real life examples:

How to: Wikipedia API, JSON Content Importer and WordPress

Is a certain API compatible?

If you have an focus on a API you ask yourself: Is this plugin of any help using this special API?
The answer is: Maybe, that depends…

Complex applications can be created with the PRO-Version of the plugin and an API:

Have a look onto the Supportpage for this Plugin with a growing collection of APIs and typical API-situations.

How to: Use an API and get access to JSON

If you’re still unsure: Drop a message!

Ask your questions and get support: Click here and post your needs at

Free and PRO-Plugin

This Website supports both the free and PRO-Version and shows how to run both versions: compare both

Feel free to include great data on your website without needing to spend a cent and freely use the free plugin for personal or commercial projects without any strings attached.

Free Plugin

Livedata from
Version: 1.3.17
67 Ratings: 98%
Free Plugin: Getting Started

PRO-Plugin: All free features plus…

  • Support and ongoing development
  • handling of a wider range of JSON-feeds / APIs
  • enhanced template engine: the plugin-own engine is better, the famous twig-engine is the PRO-alternative
  • template-manager: store templates independent of pages
  • display as widget at the sidebar or footer
  • build applications: select JSON-feed on the fly
  • create WordPress-Pages
  • third-party shortcodes work inside the jsoncontentimporter-shortcode
  • but: you have to purchase a licence – which has to be renewed yearly – licences prior to Dec 30 2017 are valid without timelimits
  • no risk: full refund within 14 days after purchase – without any questions
  • and a lot more…
  • Last update on April 25 2023 with version 3.7.11
  • Download PRO-version