Download Plugin: Free- and PRO

You can choose between the free- and the PRO-version of the “JSON Content Importer Pro”-plugin: compare both.

  • The basic option is the complete free-version: Download from
  • For additional PRO-features, check the PRO-version: purchase it now! If you don’t like it: – full refund within 14 days after purchase.

The PRO-version includes:

  • Plugin-Software with licencekey valid for one or more domains without timelimit
  • Support for purchased plugins up to one month beyond the purchase date.
    After that I still provide you with voluntarily support, but please be aware that there is no claim for that. Support for the freeversion-plugin is voluntarily.
  • Free updates.

Yet the PRO-version licence is avaliable only as one-, two-, three-and ten-site licence. If you need more or a special project-version of the plugin: Just drop me a E-Mail

Yet payment is done via paypal. If you need other payment (stripe, ceditcard, pay per invoice…): Drop me a E-Mail