Download Plugin: Free- and PRO

You can choose between the free- and the PRO-version of the
“JSON Content Importer Pro”-plugin: compare both.

  • The basic option is the complete free-version: Download from
  • For additional features, check the PRO-version: purchase it now! If you don’t like it: – full refund within 14 days after purchase. To maintain the plugin a yearly renewal of the licence is needed.

The PRO-version includes:

  • Plugin-Software with licencekey valid for one or more fully qualified domains for one year (licences purchased before Dec 31 2017 do not expire)
  • Support for purchased plugins up to one month beyond the purchase date. This does include the setup of the plugin, but you have to get familiar with the API you like to use.
    After that I still provide you with voluntarily support, but please be aware that there is no claim for that. Support for the freeversion-plugin is voluntarily. Payed support and projectwork is available upon request. If you need more or a special project-version of the plugin: Just drop me a E-Mail
  • Free updates.

Yet payment is done via paypal. If you need other payment (stripe, ceditcard, pay per invoice…): Drop me a E-Mail

The following licences have to be renewed every year. So the licences are billed yearly until cancelled (you get a reminder one month before):