Installing the plugin is easy – both the free and the pro-version.


  1. Select and buy a licence. There is a yearly licence renewal needed! You get full refund, if the plugin does not solve your problem.
  2. You get an zip-file and a licencekey: Install the zip by manually uploading via “Plugin > Add new > Upload Plugin” page. Slect the zip-File from your local drive and install it.
  3. Check the plugin-option-tab “Check installation”: This shows you if your wordpress/php… is ok for the PRO-plugin. If not, fix your wordpress-installation or open a support-ticket
  4. The plugin offers the option “JCI pro licence”: Insert and activate your licencekey there. You can manage your licencekeys at
  5. Recommended change of some default PRO Plugin settings:

    The inital setup of the PRO Plugin is to have backward-compatibility – otherwise old plugin installations might not work as needed. For the sake of that, some settings are not in the perfect status when first installing the PRO Plugin. Change the following at the Plugins Option-Tab “Shortcode-Settings”, please:

    • “Nested JCI-Shortcodes: Use child-settings in parent-shortcode?”: Set “Separate parent- and child-settings” active (very importaint when having nested jsoncontentimporterpro-Shortcodes)
    • “Use wpautop or not”: Set”remove wpautop” active. Otherwise annoying linefeeds (<p> etc.) can occur in the HTML build

Free version

How to: Install free Version of the JSON Content Importer

Way 1:

  1. Search “JSON” at your “Plugin > Add new” page
  2. Click Install at “JSON Content Importer”
  3. Activate Plugin
  4. Done

Way 2:
For detailed installation instructions, please read the standard installation procedure for WordPress plugins.

  1. Login to your WordPress installation
  2. Install plugin by uploading to /wp-content/plugins/.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu.
  4. Click on “JSON Content Importer” / “JSON Content Importer PRO” menu entry in the left bar: basic caching-settings and more instructions about usage.
  5. Cache folder: WP_CONTENT_DIR.’/cache/jsoncontentimporter’ (pro-version: “jsoncontentimporterpro”). So “WP_CONTENT_DIR.’/cache/'” must be writable for the webserver / http-daemon. The plugin checks this and might abort the process with an error-message like “dir is missing” or “not writeable”. If so: check permissions of the directories.