Step 1: Purpose of the plugin?

The JSON Content Importer allows you to easily import, cache and display livedata via a JSON-Feed on your website.

Jenny is managing the WordPress-website of a local public library. She’d like to include a list of the currently nationwide best selling books.
Herefore, she has two options:

  • manually update this list every now and then
  • or she connects her WordPress to a datasource providing this list.

The second option is much more convenient, but requires some initial work.

First Jenny has to find a fitting datasource – and well, the New York Times offers such a service: Via docs you can get access to lots of data. One is
This data is packaged as JSON, a machine readable format and ideal for exchanging data.
This way of offering data is called API or Application Programming Interface.

The question is: How can Jenny connect this JSON-feed to her WordPress-website?

Here the JSON-Content-Importer Plugin comes into the game: Jenny downloads and installs the free version and inserts the following code into her wordpress-page:
[jsoncontentimporter url=”” basenode=”results”]{subloop-array:books:5}{books.rank}. {books.title}{/subloop-array:books} [/jsoncontentimporter]

This shows the top 5 of the NYT-bestseller list like this:

The New York Times Hardcover-fiction bestseller 2016/05/13

Screenshot: The New York Times Hardcover-fiction bestseller 2016/05/13

That was easy and Jenny is happy to have spared herself hours and hours of work over the months.