Buy the Plugin “Build n:n Toolset-CPT-Relationships”

The Plugin “Build n:n Toolset-CPT-Relationships” creates the real Toolset-Relations out of two Custom Post Types defined by the Plugin Toolset Types.

  • Plugin: Toolset Types
  • Create two Custom Post Types (CPT) with the Toolset Types: E. g. one for venues and another for events. Both CPT should have a Custom Post Field (CPF) for a Venue-ID to define where the event is and with some details on the veneu.
  • Create a n:n Relation between the two CPT.
  • Create some Custom Posts (CP) out of the CPT by “Add New”: Add some CPs for Venues and some CPs for Events, each with a Venue-ID.
  • The Plugin “Build n:n Toolset-CPT-Relationships” shows the available Toolset-Relations between CPT: Select the one you defined. Then the Plugin shows you the CPF of both CPT: Select the Venue-ID and save this setting.
  • Execute the Plugins shortcode: This should show you what Event-CP is connected to which Venue-CP.
  • See also this Video

When purchasing this Plugin you get:

  • Plugin-Software with licencekey valid for one or more fully qualified domains for one year
  • The Toolset-Plugin like Types are not included
  • Support for purchased plugins up to one month beyond the purchase date. After that I still provide you with voluntarily support, but please be aware that there is no claim for that. Payed support and projectwork is available upon request. If you need more or a special project-version of the plugin: Just drop me a E-Mail
  • Free updates.

Yet payment is done via paypal or creditcard (via Stripe). If you need other payment (pay per invoice…): Drop me a E-Mail

The following licences have to be renewed every year. So the licences are billed yearly until cancelled (you get a reminder one month before):

Billed once per year until cancelled