API controlled Title, Meta-Description….

Usually the JCI-Plugin is used via Shortcode in WordPress-Pages and Posts. If you want to set the Title of the Page or the Meta-Description you have to add the Shortcode there. But Shortcodes are not evaluated there by default.

For that you need the WordPress-Plugin “Shortcodes Anywhere or Everywhere”: In the settings of this Plugin you can define, where Shortcodes can be executed. Add title etc. as you like in the plugins settings (Sublink at WordPress-Settings). Insert a JCI-shortcode and you have a dynamic title. You might activate caching in the JCI-Shortcode if the URL is used several times on a page. Or: Activate “In Post/Page Custom Fields” for the meta-description.

By adding the WordPress-Plugin “Yoast SEO” you get access to title, meta-description etc. in another, might helpful way.