Welcome to the Home of the JSON Content Importer Plugin

Thank you for using the FREE plugin “JSON Content Importer”. You clicked on Upgrade and are curious what the PRO plugin can do – thank you for that.

  • The FREE plugin ca do lots of good things, but if you need more the PRO plugin might be the solution.

The main add-ons of the PRO plugin are:

  • Access to API data:
    When the FREE plugin supports only some authentications and header-options, the PRO version can do almost any API authentication.
  • Using the API-JSON-data:
    The FREE plugin offers a basic way to parse and convert the JSON to HTML. If you need more like if-then-else, picking some data or formatting numbers or dates this can be done with the PRO plugin.
    The key to that is the usage of the simple but very powerful twig-language.
  • FREE and PRO plugin can be run parallel without interfering each other.
  • Last but PRO plugin support is superior to the FREE plugin.
  • Buying the PRO plugin is without risk: If It’s not what you need you get full refund within 14 days.

Click here to get more on the PRO plugin.